Capital @Work San Francisco: Investing in the future workforce


Building a future workforce that can keep up with an accelerating pace of change will require significant investment and complicated financial decisions. CFOs will run their companies’ analytical nerve center and play a critical role in shaping the workplace of the future.

CNBC's Capital@Work Summit will bring together financial leaders who play a critical role in shaping the workplace of the future to discuss new technology, funding innovation and growing the bottom line.

Who should attend: CFOs and senior financial executives who have a major role to play in quantifying the company priorities of the future.


More speakers will be announced soon.

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Keith Block
Keith Block is co-Chief Executive Officer of Salesforce.

Keith Block
Co-CEO, Salesforce
Nicole Eagan
Nicole Eagan is CEO of Darktrace

Nicole Eagan
CEO, Darktrace
Bask Iyer
Bask Iyer is the CIO at VMware. He is also the general manager of Edge/IoT for Dell Technologies.

Bask Iyer
CIO, VMware; General Manager, Edge/IoT, Dell Technologies

Hao Ko
Hao Ko is Managing Director, Principal of Gensler

Hao Ko
Managing Director, Principal, Gensler
Andrew Kortina
Andrew Kortina is the co-founder of Fin. Previously, he co-founded Venmo.

Andrew Kortina
Co-Founder, Fin
Bastian Legmann
Bastian Lehmann is the co-founder and CEO of Postmates

Bastian Lehmann
Co-Founder and CEO, Postmates
Cymthia Stoddard
Cynthia Stoddard is SVP & CIO of Adobe

Cynthia Stoddard
SVP & Chief Information Officer, Adobe Systems Incorporated
Scott Wagner
Scott Wagner is the CEO of GoDaddy.

Scott Wagner
CEO, GoDaddy
Bayard Winthrop
Bayard Winthrop is the Co-Founder & CEO of American Giant.

Bayard Winthrop
Co-Founder & CEO, American Giant
Agenda December 3rd | Four Seasons San Francisco
1:00 PM


1:30 PM


CLOUD, CULTURE & CAPITAL: An Innovation Roadmap

Salesforce is a juggernaut of growth. Co-CEO Keith Block, the man credited with much of the tech giant’s success will provide a glimpse inside their strategy and investments and reveal how the company is shaping the future of how we work.
Keith Block, Co-CEO, Salesforce
Interviewer: Jon Fortt, Co-Anchor, “Squawk Alley,” CNBC

WHERE WE WORK: A Blueprint for the Future

Workplace design is about more than beautiful spaces or employee amenities. It’s a long-term investment in your people and their productivity. How can cutting-edge architecture and technology maximize output ... and boost the bottom line?
Hao Ko Managing Director, Principal, Gensler
Shiva Rajaraman, Chief Product Officer, WeWork
Interviewer: Julia Boorstin, Senior Correspondent, CNBC

MAKING IT WORK: The ROI on Made in America

What’s the business case for a company to keep operations in the United States? Do businesses have any social responsibility to create a wide range of good domestic jobs at various skill levels? Hear from one founder who’s fully invested in the U.S.A.
Bayard Winthrop Founder & CEO, American Giant
Interviewer: Jon Fortt, Co-Anchor, “Squawk Alley,” CNBC

2:50 PM


3:10 PM


PRODUCTIVITY VS. SECURITY: Accounting for Cyber Risk

Employees demand more freedom than ever in their digital lives, using multiple devices and connected applications to enhance their productivity. This creates ever more “attack surfaces” for hackers to exploit. How can CFOs mitigate these risks, protecting their organization’s information and intellectual property, while allowing enough access to cultivate a flexible, efficient workforce?
Nicole Eagan CEO, Darktrace
Interviewer: Ari Levy, Senior Technology Reporter CNBC

MODERN COLLABORATION: The Human + Machine Equation

The dystopian view is that intelligent machines will displace human workers. The more probable outcome is a future where machines and people complement each other. How is a business’ capital best deployed to reap the maximum benefit from the evolving relationship between humans and automation?
Andrew Kortina Co-founder and CEO, Fin
Bastian Lehmann Founder & CEO, Postmates
Interviewer: Julia Boorstin, Senior Correspondent, CNBC

TRANSITIONS: Navigating Economies of Scale in the Cloud

Businesses need to evolve at a rapid pace to stay competitive. A key to staying nimble is to focus on core competencies while outsourcing many engineering and data functions. Hear how one company is aggressively leveraging external services, handling occasional turbulence in a move to the public cloud, streamlining costs and evolving its workforce for the future.
Scott Wagner, CEO, GoDaddy
Interviewer: Jon Fortt, Co-Anchor, “Squawk Alley,” CNBC

HIGH IMPACT: Extracting Value from Transformative Technologies

Bask Iyer and Cynthia Stoddard have each led dramatic digital transformations. We’ll talk about how they define a successful technology strategy, balance immediate needs with future goals and partner with CFOs to drive best outcomes.
Bask Iyer CIO, Dell and VMware
Cynthia Stoddard, CIO, Adobe
Interviewer: Jon Fortt, Co-Anchor, “Squawk Alley,” CNBC

5:00 PM



Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco

757 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103



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