These are the top 10 most relevant brands to millennials — including the 99-year-old brand that beat Apple and Google

A shopper carries a Whirlpool KitchenAid mixer inside a Best Buy store in Louisville, Kentucky.
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Millennials might be known for having a penchant for trendy, new companies — whether it's a buzzy new app or streaming service — but the results of a recent survey found that one of the most relevant brands to millennials is actually 100 years old.

Global consultancy firm Prophet recently released its fourth annual Brand Relevance Index, in which it surveyed 12,694 consumers in the U.S. on 299 brands in 37 industries. Consumers measured the brands on four key principles: customer obsession (brands you can't live without), ruthless pragmatism (brands you can depend on), pervasive innovation (brands that consistently innovate) and distinctive inspiration (brands that inspire you).

Prophet identified to CNBC Make It the top 10 brands most relevant for millennials, according to its index, and the findings yield somewhat surprising results.

The most relevant brand to millennials (defined in the survey as respondents between the ages of 19 and 36) goes to Netflix, followed by Amazon.

But KitchenAid snags the third spot, beating out tech behemoths like Apple (which ranked fourth) and Google (which ranked fifth).

Prophet notes in its report that legacy brand KitchenAid — actually the oldest brand on the index, founded in 1919 — has remained relevant by innovating new products while still maintaining dependability and quality.

"[KithcenAid is] also a social-media whiz," Prophet notes, "finding news ways to win with followers, from great recipes to technical pointers." Its Instagram account, for example, showcases its stylish, counter-top mixers in eye-popping colors, racking up thousands of likes in the process.

Here are the top 10 brands most relevant to millennials, according to Prophet.

1. Netflix

2. Amazon

3. KitchenAid

4. Apple

5. Google

6. Android

7. Pixar

8. Pinterest

9. Samsung

10. Nike

Notably missing from the top 10 brands for millennials are social media giants including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. While the millennial crowd might be stereotypically known for obsessively posting, snapping, tweeting and double-tapping, these brands aren't necessarily the most relevant to their lives.

"Another interesting nugget is that millennials showed huge drops from Facebook (-21), Snap (-44), and Instagram (-31)," Scott Davis, chief growth officer at Prophet, tells CNBC Make It. "Non-millennials showed an even higher drop in relevance for Facebook (-45), though a slight gain for Snap (+12)."

Social media giants also performed poorly on the index overall, not even cracking the top 50. In particular, Davis adds that Facebook scored the worst in the area of distinctive inspiration, "especially due to trust issues and not having a purpose consumers believed in." Twitter and Instagram ranked poorly in the customer obsession category, with consumers saying they could live without the social media platforms and that it didn't meet an important need in life.

Overall, Prophet found the most relevant brand to consumers is Apple, followed by Amazon and then Pinterest. You can view the index in its entirety here.

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