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Students at 3 schools can now use their iPhone as their student ID

Key Points
  • Students can now access a digital version of their student ID at three schools in the U.S.
  • The ID, stored in Apple Wallet, lets you make payments or access buildings.
  • Additional schools are rolling out the option by the end of the school year.
A Duke ID stored in Apple Wallet

Students at Duke University, University of Alabama and University of Oklahoma can now access and use their ID cards stored in Apple Wallet on an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The feature, initially announced during Apple's annual developer conference in June, lets students access a digital version of their college ID card to enter buildings or pay for lunch without the need to carry a physical card. Once a student has configured it, the ID can be accessed by opening the Wallet app on an iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple Wallet is also used to store credit and debit cards, boarding passes, concert tickets and more.

Since access to Apple Wallet requires verification using Face ID, a passcode or Touch ID, a student's college identification card is less prone to loss or theft. Also, unlike a physical card, the digital student ID can show information such as the remaining balance on a meal plan.

Apple said three additional schools will roll out support by the end of this school year, including Johns Hopkins University, Santa Clara University and Temple University.