Shark Tank

Mark Cuban checks in on Simple Sugars on 'Beyond the Tank'

Key Points
  • Mark Cuban meets with Lani Lazzari, founder of Simple Sugars, years after locking down a deal on "Shark Tank."
  • Cuban emphasizes the importance on Lazzari building a strong social media following

How do you turn a small start-up into a $30 million business? According to billionaire-investor Mark Cuban, having the right social media strategy is a good start.

At least, that's the advice Lani Lazzari, founder of skincare brand Simple Sugars, gets on Tuesday night's episode of "Beyond the Tank" when Cuban visits her Pittsburgh-based headquarters, years after locking down a deal on "Shark Tank." While the company is clearly expanding its sales, Cuban is concerned it's not growing fast enough.

But beyond dreams of turning this small skincare brand into a $30 million company, Lazzari also has plans to accelerate online sales growth and launch a skincare line for men. That's where Cuban's golden advice comes in. On "Beyond the Tank," Cuban emphasizes the importance of growing an audience and marketing her brand through a solid social media strategy.

Today, Lazzari said Simple Sugars is still seeing incredible success — even five years after their original "Shark Tank" air date.

"We have helped thousands of customers with sensitive skin find a product that works and have developed a very loyal customer base," Lazzari said.

Of course, "Shark Tank" helped play a big role. In fact, Simple Sugars was just a two-person company before the show aired. With sales exploding overnight, she hired 22 people in a week, working around the clock for weeks to catch up on manufacturing products and shipping orders.

"We received over 70,000 orders from new customers following our show, and this gave us the foundation and momentum we needed to continue growing."

Watch as Mark Cuban helps Simple Sugars expand quicker on an episode of "Beyond the Tank" Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC.