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Brands are jumping on the Banksy shredding bandwagon 'destroying' their own products and logos

Firms including McDonald's, Ikea and Perrier are creating their own versions of Banksy's self-destructive stunt, where a built-in device shredded his "Girl With Balloon" painting, just after it was sold for £1.04 million ($1.4 million) at auction.

Ikea posted a do-it-yourself piece of art on its Norwegian Instagram, with a frame, poster and scissors, questioning what the potential value of its version would be.

Meanwhile, one of McDonald's ad agencies created its own art on the fry, showing an upside-down "M" logo being shredded into fries. Richard Agius, a creative director at TBWA/ANG in Malta, posted the image on Twitter.

Banksy, whose identity is kept secret, posted a video on Instagram showing him putting the shredder into the picture's frame, explaining he did so in case it was ever put up for auction.

The artist, who is known for graffiti that attacks capitalism, captioned the post "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge," a quote from Picasso.

The piece was sold at Sotheby's in London on October 5, exceeding its original £200,000 to £300,000 estimate by around five times. "It appears we just got Banksy-ed," Alex Branczik, a senior director and head of contemporary art in Europe, wrote in a post on Sotheby's website.

Perrier produced an animation showing a soda can being shredded into lemon slices with the caption: "No need to break the bank for a work of art."

Discount grocery store Lidl appeared to shred one of its own posters, shown in the window of one of its Irish outlets.