Shark Tank

Ry's Ruffery investment on 'Shark Tank' almost never have happened

Daniela and Ryan Kelly, co-founders of Ry's Ruffery, have come a long way since pitching their healthy dog treats business on "Shark Tank." Not only did they walk away with an offer from Barbara Corcoran, they eventually looked to the billionaire businesswoman as a mentor and confidante — showcased on Tuesday night's episode of "Beyond the Tank."

"My experience on Beyond the Tank was very emotional for me," said Daniela Kelly. "In discussing the business with Ryan and I, Barbara learned things about me that until then were difficult for me to discuss, even with her. Barbara has great instincts, not just about business, but about people."

On Tuesday night's episode, Kelly opens up about the stroke that almost prevented her from appearing on "Shark Tank." Kelly tells Corcoran, about the struggles of juggling family, health issues and growing a business at the same time.

In terms of the company's growth, Kelly says she and Ryan have gone from baking in their kitchen to using a co-packer. They also went from selling their dog treats at lacrosse games to getting them on the shelves of Target, PetSmart, Wegman's and Kroger, to now selling them exclusively online.

"We've learned so much, and will be forever grateful for the experience," Kelly says.

Watch Daniela and Ryan Kelly catch up with Barbara Corcoran on Tuesday's episode of "Beyond the Tank" at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC.