Adriene Mishler, host of "Yoga with Adriene"
Courtesy of Find What Feels Good

'Yoga With Adriene' host reveals a key tip to not letting online negativity get in the way of success

For the star behind popular YouTube channel "Yoga With Adriene, " Adriene Mishler is used to people sharing their opinions on the brand's platforms.

Most of the time, people are posting suggestions for future videos or offering their appreciation for what the yoga tutorials have provided. Like any other pioneering YouTuber however, Mishler is prone to seeing the odd negative comment or two.

With most feedback on the "Yoga With Adriene " (YWA) channel looking positive, it seems that Mishler has a knack for tackling negative energy online. So, how does she do it? By simply, beating people to the punch.

"In the beginning, I used a lot of self-deprecating humor, to kind of go 'OK this is going to be the part where somebody goes 'Oh, (f---) you Adriene' or 'This girl is talking about self-love.'"

"Right when I feel like people are going to shut down, or give up on themselves — I try to somehow, whether that's through humor or philosophy or just my gut instinct – whatever it may be that day: I try to beat them to the punch," Mishler, the YWA host told CNBC Make It when discussing how she communicates and presents herself in videos.

"I feel like that kind of helps guide the commentary," she said, adding that "to be honest, it really is positive" on the channel overall.

Adriene Mishler, host of "Yoga with Adriene" with her sidekick, Benji.
Courtesy of Find What Feels Good

And it's not just online where you see the admiration for Mishler's work. At a sold-out London show on the "Find What Feels Good " 2018 Roadshow in September, attendees had nothing but kind words to say, from commenting on what the instructor taught them, to others saying Mishler's work had boosted their confidence and helped secure career opportunities.

This year's roadshow saw events sell out across Europe, with over 2,400 people attending the Alexandra Palace event in London, to people lining up for over an hour at London's Oval Space, just to spend a moment to thank Mishler.

Even the self-deprecating humor that Mishler delivers, tends to generate a smile or lightens the mood — and at London's Oval Space, it produced a sea of people laughing.

Another element to diverting negativity away from the channel is based on how YWA is presented.

On Mishler's YouTube page, each tutorial is designed with user-friendly, easy-to-understand labelled thumbnails. In addition, Mishler chooses to dress in sports clothes that prevents users from writing lewd comments or criticizing what she's wearing.

"I really think it's a miracle" said Mishler, when commenting on how little criticism the brand receives — despite the large YouTube following that YWA has.

When coming across a negative comment however, Mishler chooses not to take it to heart, knowing that these are feelings and opinions of other people – and that doesn't necessarily have to influence her thoughts on who she is.

YouTube yoga for a frenzied world
Adriene Mishler, host of "Yoga with Adriene"
Courtesy of Find What Feels Good
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