Shark Tank

Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Mr. Wonderful don't hold back on 'Beyond the Tank'

Everything's bigger in Texas, including BeatBox Beverages sales since pitching its portable party punch on "Shark Tank."

On Wednesday night's episode of "Beyond the Tank," watch as Mark Cuban catches up with the Austin, Texas-based team as they give their investor a taste test of potential new flavors. With big plans ahead, Cuban is concerned the team is facing a big roadblock — there's only three of them.

Then, catch Barbara Corcoran visit the Coop's headquarters in Studio City, California. Profit margins for this chic party planning company aren't where they should be, and Corcoran isn't happy about it. Not to mention, an intense workload leads Corcoran to believe these entrepreneurs are killing themselves for nothing. Plus, it doesn't help that the co-founders consider themselves to be "control freaks." Which, ultimately prompts Corcoran to spill her 2 cents on profitable business strategy: "And you know who puts themselves out of business the fastest in all kinds of business ... is the perfectionist."

Stay tuned for the finale when Mr. Wonderful makes an unexpected visit to Surprise Ride's office. The co-founders walked away without a deal on "Shark Tank," but that didn't stop O'Leary from finding out if their dream business turned into a reality. Will this sister team finally seal the deal with a rare second chance at a life-changing offer?

Don't miss an episode of "Beyond the Tank" Wednesday night at 10P ET/PT on CNBC.