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Danish leader hits back at White House claims on living standards

Key Points
  • Denmark’s prime minister published a response to a White House report on Nordic living standards.
  • The report claimed that Nordic countries’ living standards were 15 percent lower than those in the U.S.
Danish President Lars Lokke Rasmussen.
Christian Marquardt | Getty Images

The Danish prime minister launched a fierce defense of Nordic nations after a White House report claimed that living standards there were inferior compared to the U.S.

On Tuesday, Lars Lokke Rasmussen published a scathing response to the report via Facebook, after the document claimed that living standards in Nordic countries were at least 15 percent lower than they were in the States.

"Yes, we pay a lot of taxes," Rasmussen said, "but we get so much in return."

Comparing the two nations' social models, he said that "Denmark would win every time."

"Our children can get an education — no matter who you are and where you come from," he added.

"We can come to the hospital and get help if we get sick. Whether we have special insurance or a lot of money in the bank. And if you become unemployed ... Or need a helping hand, the community is ready to help."

Rasmussen said the only area where the U.S. outperformed his country was in praising itself.

"Perhaps we should just get better at bragging more about all that we do really well," he said.

The White House report, entitled "The Opportunity Costs of Socialism," was published last week and claimed that "even poor American households have better living standards than the average person living in a Nordic country."

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