CNBC's Productivity@Work live: Tech leadership and the future of work

From left: Jon Fortt, Aaron Levie of Box and Chris Young of McAfee at CNBC's Productivity@Work event, October 30, 2018.
David A. Grogan | CNBC

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are reimagining today's workplace and leading to big shifts in the workforce of tomorrow. CNBC's @Work is a three-part event series that examines the impact of new technology on three different disciplines — human resources, IT and finance.

The second event in the series, Productivity@Work, took place on October 30 and examined how CIOs and CTOs are managing the transition to a digital future.

Speakers included Blaine Hurst of Panera Bread and Lisa Su, both president and CEOs of their organizations on a panel about thinking like a CEO; Chris Young, CEO of McAfee and Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box talking AI, and more.

The next event in the series, Capital@Work is heading to San Francisco on December 3. Click here to apply to attend.

Watch the full sessions to discover how leaders are reimagining the employee workplace experience.

Productivity@Work - LEVEL UP: Think Like a CEO

How do you translate your technology vision into terms CEOs and boards can understand? Get advice from two technologists – who are also CEOs – on how to convey the value of complex technology in straightforward business terms, match digitalization priorities across the organization, and be the kind of strategic partner that drives real progress. AMD CEO Lisa Su and Panera CEO Blaine Hurst were interviewed by "Squawk Alley" anchor Jon Fortt.

Productivity@Work - TIPPING POINT: Is the Right Team a Temporary Team?

Google now employs more contract workers than direct staff. It's a trend that's not only happening in Silicon Valley -- close to 60 million U.S. workers are now freelance, 36% of the entire workforce. What are the implications for companies, our workers and our country? Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel delivered a provocative presentation.

Productivity@Work - TALENT WARS: Fighting the FANGs … and Winning

Finding – and keeping – top tech talent is critical to success in the digital age. Learn strategies from two industry leaders who know what it takes to compete and win. Kleiner Perkins senior partner Juliet de Baubigny and Delta Airlines EVP and CIO Rahul Samant were interviewed by "Squawk Alley" co-anchor Morgan Brennan.

Productivity@Work - A WIDER NET: Finding Innovation Where It Lives

Innovation often comes from unlikely places. Giving more employees access to data, technology and tools can enable breakthrough ideas. We will discuss how innovation democratization accelerates productivity, creativity and progress. Co-founder and COO of data.world Matt Laessig joined CNBC.com technology reporter Kate Fazzini for a conversation.

Productivity@Work - RISKS & REWARDS: A.I. in the Enterprise

Artificial intelligence promises transformational advances, but with innovation comes risk. Learn about new ways AI is driving productivity and how your company can reap these rewards while minimizing vulnerabilities. Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie and McAfee CEO Chris Young were interviewed by Jon Fortt.

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Click here to apply for the next event in the series: Capital@Work

Coming to San Francisco on December 3, 2018.