Holiday Gift Guide

15 great holiday gifts under $25 for 2018

Holiday shopping doesn't need to break the bank.

There's no need to break the bank shopping for presents this holiday season. Gifts can be inexpensive and thoughtful.

Whether you're shopping for family, friends or that special someone, CNBC Make It has got you covered. Check out these 15 wallet-friendly gifts under $25.

1. Password keeper


Price: $19.99

Buy now: passwordsFAST electronic password keeper

If you know someone who hates memorizing PINs and long passwords, then passwordsFast is the perfect gift. Plus, the handy gadget is small enough to fit into a wallet or purse.

2. Press coffee tumbler


Price: $15.99

Buy now: Bodum travel press coffee maker

Brew coffee or loose tea on the go with this special travel coffee press.

3. Map poster


Price: $20

Buy now: Scratch off world map poster

Travel junkies can scratch off each country they visit to keep track of their globetrotting adventures.

4. Aromatherapy balm

Honestly Margo

Price: $10

Buy now: Aromatherapy lavender sleep balm

Those who have trouble sleeping can rub this soothing stick balm onto their forehead or temples to help calm their nerves.

5. Charitable donations


Price: The app is free. You decide how much to donate.

Buy now: inLieu donation app

Skip the material gifts and support a cause. This app allows you to make donations on behalf of someone all while saving you the hassle of wrapping and sending a present.

6. Avocado slicer


Price: $9.99

Buy now: Good grips avocado slicer

All the millennials in your life will need this all-in-one slicer that removes pits and lifts the fruit from the avocado's skin.

7. Foot care kit


Price: $18

Buy now: Overnight foot care kit

The most stressed on your gift list can unwind after a long workday with this luxurious foot cream and sock combo.

8. Corkcicle


Price: $24.99

Buy now: Corkcicle Air

Your wine enthusiast friends will love this tool that chills wines to the perfect temperature. It even aerates your wine as you pour.

9. Heated butter knife


Price: $19.95

Buy now: Spread That warming butter knife

Let the foodie in your life save some arm strength with this heated knife that makes it easier to cut cold butter or margarine.

10. Fitness tracker


Price: $16.95

Buy now: Fitlosophy goal-getter journal

Support your friends' fitness goals in the new year with this special journal.

11. Smartphone camera lens


Price: $15.29

Buy now: AMIR wide angle camera lens

Your friends can turn their selfie-game up a notch with this cell phone camera lens that comes with an LED flash and can capture wider landscapes than the standard smartphone.

12. Self-cleaning hair brush


Price: $24.95

Buy now: QWIK clean brush

Why manually clean your hairbrush when you can buy one that does it for you?

13. Spice grinder


Price: $19.95

Buy now: Battery powered grinder

The cooks in your life will appreciate this special grinder that helps them keep one hand free.

14. Chocolate espresso beans

Women's Bean Project

Price: $7.50

Buy now: Women's Bean Project chocolate espresso beans

Give your colleague or friend a sweet caffeine fix while supporting unemployed women.

15. Dinosaur taco stand


Price: 12.99

Buy now: TACOsaurus rex taco holder

The perfect gift for kids or adults with a childlike spirit. Besides, who doesn't like dinosaurs … and tacos?

Disclosure: These items have been handpicked by our editorial team. CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item from one of our gift guides, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase. This holiday season, the proceeds will be donated to the Council for Economic Education, which supports economic and financial education.

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