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This is the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner in America — here's what you get for $150,000

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. And while Americans will spend an average of $334 to host an average of 11 dinner guests, according to a LendingTree survey, some will spend much, much more.

In 2017, CNBC Make It tried what was then the country's most expensive Thanksgiving dinner at Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan, New York (here's what we thought). But that dinner only cost $76,000.

This year, Old Homestead is offering a $150,000 feast for the holiday.

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"This isn't just a meal. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone who is celebrating.... But there's a catch — this Thanksgiving dinner may knock the stuffing out of your wallet," says Marc Sherry, co-owner of Old Homestead.

The dinner feeds 12, and boasts expensive ingredients sourced from all over the world. Take a look:

The turkey is free-range, organically raised and costs $135 per pound. It's seasoned with spices like saffron from the Middle East and basted with $35 an ounce extra virgin olive oil from Italy. It's also covered in edible gold flakes.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

The bread and pork stuffing is made with sourdough bread from the U.K. that costs $75 a loaf, as well as $475-a-pound pork from Japan and $2,500-a-pound white truffles and $700-a-pound black truffles. The gravy is infused with special reserve Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, priced at $3,300 a bottle.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

The candied sweet potatoes are cooked using $26-a-pound cinnamon from Sri Lanka and $150-an-ounce Echire butter from France. Whipped potatoes are made with $325-a-pound white cheddar cheese from the U.K.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

The cranberry sauce is concocted using strawberries from Japan, Mexico and Canada and infused with a $1,750 bottle of French wine.

Old Homestead

Other sides include butternut squash topped with $1,600-an-ounce Caspian Sea caviar and Brussels sprouts in a glaze infused with an $1,800 bottle of Gran Marnier.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse
Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

There's a seared beef salad featuring hard-to-find, $550-a-pound Japanese Waygu beef.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

Also on the menu are $100-a-piece imported king oysters.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

Diners will be able to wash it all down with some Cristal, Dom Perignon and other expensive bubbly.

The crucial component of the dinner's high cost, though, comes from the $75,000 2018 Maserati Levante that's included.

"The Maserati Levant is considered a Mona Lisa on wheels," Sherry says.

The keys are hidden inside the stuffing.

Source: Old Homestead Steakhouse

In addition, Homestead's expensive Thanksgiving dinner also includes a number of luxurious experiences, including a $15,000 shopping spree, Billy Joel concert tickets, tickets to ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," tickets to the viewing stand of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a $260 horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park, a ride around the city in a Rolls-Royce, a weekend getaway in the Poconos, a guided tour of New York City landmarks, dance lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio and of course, turkey carving lessons.

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