Deal or No Deal

The all new season of 'Deal or No Deal' is coming to CNBC: Here's what to expect

The briefcases, the models, the million dollars — and yes, Howie Mandel — are returning to household screens and this time on CNBC! The iconic game show "Deal or No Deal" is finally back after its 10-year hiatus, and viewers have a lot to look forward to.

The fun-for-the-family show was revered by fans back in its heyday and was the first time Mandel had ever hosted a game-show. What most people don't know about the show's history is that Mandel initially turned down the offer to host, believing it would be a career killer. After some convincing from Mandel's wife, Terry, and media company Endemol's former EVP of unscripted, Rob Smith, it didn't take long for the comedian to say, "Deal!" The rest is history.

With record-breaking numbers, the original episodes of "Deal or No Deal" were an instant hit.

Executive Producer Scott St. John praised Mandel's role as host on the show's latest documentary, "Deal or No Deal: Back in Business" saying, "The main thing that made 'Deal or No Deal' so successful, originally, was Howie."

On the upcoming season of "Deal or No Deal," fans can expect to see plenty of new twists. For starters, the banker — whom all mega-fans know and fear — is now a woman whose identity is kept a mystery. The briefcase models are more diverse, playing an even bigger role than ever before. Fans will get a sense of their distinct personalities and the connections they share with the contestants. Plus, the iconic stage has a modern update with new and improved technology. And most of all, the contestants have the chance to counter-offer the banker, which opens doors to riskier challenges that'll keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

"This is the most exciting thing I've ever been part of," Mandel said on "Deal or No Deal: Back in Business." "The emotional roller coaster that you're about to witness is amazing."

Don't miss back-to-back episodes of the all new "Deal or No Deal" Wednesday, Dec. 5 , from 8 pm to 2 am ET on CNBC.