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Hermes reigns in Glassdoor's latest 'Best places to work' in France survey, outshining the likes of Ubisoft and Amazon


In its fourth year of running a top employers list for France, Glassdoor has seen several companies — like Thales and Airbus — make a reappearance over the years. This December however, the company that's been hailed as the best place to work for 2019 is a newcomer to France's list: fashion designer Hermes.

It's fair to say that France is renowned for its luxury brands, yet Hermes is the only group from this field to make it into this year's top 10, with Louis Vuitton and L'Oreal coming in at 11 and 16 respectively. Instead, a few other industries fill the top 10, including transportation and retail.

To compile, Glassdoor assessed the input that workers give when offering feedback, in addition to recent ratings, which are on a scale from 1 to 5. The top 10 firms found in this Glassdoor list surpassed the average global rating of 3.4; with each group receiving a figure of 4.2 or higher.

CNBC Make It breaks down the top 10:

10. Amazon

Coming in at number 10 is e-commerce titan Amazon. With a global workforce of more than half a million, Amazon is renowned for its job creation with the e-commerce group stating that in the past five years, it's created over 125 jobs every day in the States alone.

While office perks vary from country to country, some benefits mentioned include access to medical care and career development programs.

9. Leroy Merlin

Another retailer that's winning over workers as well as consumers is French-headquartered Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin store in Bonarka City Center. 
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The DIY group's operations are featured in about a dozen countries, with 100,000 staff members employed to keep the retailer functioning around the clock.

Having placed on Glassdoor's "Best Employers" for France since the survey began in 2016, the retailer attributes one reason why it remains popular among employees, is that it sees people as the "central resource" of the business.

8. Thales

Moving up from last year's no. 24 spot, Thales is all about being a responsible leader in the transport, security and defense spheres. While Thales has attributed "acting responsibly" as a crucial quality to its long-term success, it's not the only qualities it aims to foster.

Inside the firm, Thales is dedicated to supporting its staff, through promoting diversity, team collaboration and career development — it even has an in-house university to support employees through any part of their profession.

7. AUTO1 Group

Courtesy of Auto1 Group

From its small beginnings in 2012, AUTO1 Group has now become Europe's leading car trading platform with its operations taking place in over 30 countries.

Inside the company, more than 3,500 people from over 55 nationalities are employed — which AUTO1 attributes as one of its key strengths when it comes to keeping the company thriving on a financial level.

6. onepoint

When hiring, onepoint looks for talent that holds "cutting-edge skills, (a) strong commitment to the Group and an open frame of mind."

In return, onepoint dedicates a large amount of time on an employee's first few weeks with its integration period strategy; which can include introducing them to partners, training and different teams. On Glassdoor, reviews indicate that the company offers an innovative atmosphere with a strong, upbeat culture.

5. Saint-Gobain

French group Saint-Gobain
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With more than 180,000 people hired worldwide, Saint-Gobain asks its large workforce to abide by five key values during each workday: to be agile, uphold the open and engaging culture, foster strong relationship with clients, constantly innovate and embrace their entrepreneurial abilities.

In return, staff members have a range of work benefits on offer. In France, this can include personalized training and commercial discounts.

4. Adrexo

Making its debut in Glassdoor's rankings for France, Adrexo is considered a leading private operator of advertising print in the country, having collaborated with the likes of McDonald's and Haribo. Inside the firm, over 20,000 individuals in France have been employed by Adrexo and no matter what level they are at, the company wants to make sure it promotes each person's leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities.

3. Ubisoft

The business that's seen success from the likes of "Assassin's Creed" and "Far Cry," is winning over its employees as well as consumers.

Attendees play the 'Far Cry 5' video game by Ubisoft Entertainment SA video games during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last June.
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With more than 14,000 workers running its ship, Ubisoft is keen on hiring individuals who are innovative and ooze creativity. While game design is an important role at the videogaming firm, it's not the only job in town, with Ubisoft offering a whole host of divisions including marketing, programming, finance and quality control.

2. Criteo

Last year's winner Criteo has moved down to second place for 2019, yet the ad firm remains a top favorite — with employees applauding the staff who've been employed and the strong overall management seen, Glassdoor reviews reveal. From what began as a start-up in the mid-2000s, Criteo has now transformed into a business with dozens of international offices and several "success stories," such as partnering up and helping the likes of Office Depot, Sephora, and Microsoft.

1. Hermes

When people think of this high-end luxury brand, the iconic, top-dollar Birkin bag often comes to mind. Yet that's not the only product on offer at Hermes.

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The luxury group sells jewelry, fragrances, watches, accessories and more to customers across the globe, both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Inside this designer world, over 12,000 people work hard to keep the brand running at full speed and are hired to keep true to its values: high standards and authenticity, imagination and daring, elegance and simplicity.

Here is the complete rankings of Glassdoor's 'Best Employers' for 2019.

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