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Tony Robbins: How to have the best year of your life

Tony Robbins at a speaking event
Source: Tony Robbins

New year, new you.

The holidays are approaching and 2019 will be here soon.

To make 2019 the best year of your life, you have to be clear about what you want, says life coach Tony Robbins, who famously overcame poverty and a traumatic childhood to achieve tremendous success. Currently, Robbins has 54 businesses with total sales of $6 billion per year, according to Success magazine.

"If you want the best year ever of your life, you're going to have to come up with a vision," Robbins says in Success. "What do you want? What's going to be different this year? What do you want to change, what do you want to transform?"

And when creating that vision, be realistic.

"Most people overestimate what they're going to do in a year, and they underestimate what they can do in a decade, or two or three or four," Robbins says.

Also, as you move towards your goals, you are going have to deal with the uncertainty inherent in newness, says Robbins and that will be hard. Our brains are terrible at dealing with uncertainty, he says, but you have to learn to be okay with being uncomfortable and uncertain if you want to move forward.

"We all want certainty so bad," Robbins says. "But if you're totally certain every moment, what's going to happen? You'd be bored. So we need uncertainty. We need a lot of it."

Robbins shared with Success his five steps to have the best year of your life.

1. Always keep learning

Robbins came to understand early in his life the importance of learning new ways of thinking — or what he calls "feeding his mind."

"You've got to bring something new to it," Robbins says. "Otherwise, you're going to keep operating off the same old beliefs, the same old thoughts, the same old emotions that have not gotten you to the level you want."

2. Stay physically active

Challenging your body keeps you sharp and focused.

Robbins says he gets up every day and jumps into a 56-degree pool, walking through snow or getting into a river. "I don't do that because it's fun," Robbins tells Success. "I don't do that because I want to do it. I do it because I'm training my body that when I say 'go,' we go."

3. Identify a person who already has what you want

"If you want the best year of your life, you need to decide to find a great role model," Robbins says. "Who is already getting the results you want?" Model your behavior after the individual who you identify as doing exactly what you already want."

When Robbins was a child, he heard his parents fighting about not having money for food. He decided he never wanted to have to worry about money like that, so he set as his role model the late Sir John Templeton, a legendary investor.

"I said, 'Here's a man who started with nothing just like me. Now, he's the first billionaire investor.'"

4. Take action, but be willing to change course

Sometimes you need a change of direction. 

Robbins gives this analogy to Success: If you want to see the sunset, which sets in the west, but you're facing east, you're out of luck. "I don't care how positive you are, I don't care how enthusiastic you are, it's not gonna happen — you have the wrong strategy."

5. Give back

"As corny as it sounds, the spirit of living is giving, and it's what makes us alive," Robbins says. "Life is not about me; life's about we."

Helping others will likely make it easier for you to keep perspective about your own challenges. Also, helping others imbues your own life with purpose, he says. 

This is what nobody knows about Tony Robbins, according to Tony Robbins
This is what nobody knows about Tony Robbins, according to Tony Robbins