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Dr. Oz: This one thing you should do every day for self-care (and it's free)

Self-care — the practice of tending to your own well-being, whether that's through the foods you eat, the massages you indulge in or just time to yourself — is having a moment.

And young people in particular are buying in: A 2017 survey found that the average American spends 22 percent of their disposable income on non-essential items to treat themselves, while people 25 or younger spent 33 percent.

Bur for Dr. Mehmet Oz, famously known as Dr. Oz, star of "The Dr. Oz Show," the one self-care task that he prioritizes every day doesn't cost a cent.

"If I could only do one self-care task a day, it would be to stretch when I first get up," Oz tells CNBC Make It.

After getting out of bed, he explains, he does a sun salutation (a sequence of flowing yoga poses that lengthen and stretch the muscles), followed by some push-ups and sit-ups.

You can adapt the exact movements to make the routine your own, according to Oz, but what is important is the amount of time you dedicate to doing them.

"Here's the key: seven minutes,'" Oz says. "And I picked that number because even the most crazily busy person would be hard-pressed to admit that he doesn't have seven minutes. And that's the key goal. Just get something so short, so succinct, it's awkward not to do it. And that way, by the time you start, you're almost done."

While Instagram might lead you to believe that self-care is bought through expensive essential oils or pricey vitamins, it doesn't have to break the bank, Oz insists.

"There's a lot of money that can be spent on self-care, but the most important things you do for yourself cost you nothing," Oz says. "Sleeping, a morning stretch routine, creating a ritual that allows you to get through some of the crises in your life."

For Oz, meditation is another one of those rituals.

"If you can do 10, 15, 20 minutes of meditation a day, whatever you can get in, it's worth the investment," Oz says. "Some of the most creative people I've ever met in my life swear by it, and I trust them, because I meditate as well."

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