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How to binge-watch Netflix like a pro

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  • Here's a list of Chrome extensions and other tips to help improve your Netflix viewing experience so you can watch hours of video in comfort and style.
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Although Netflix didn't invent the concept of binge-watching, the phenomenon helped cement its dominance in streaming entertainment.

Many people have found ways to improve the viewing experience as you watch a bunch of episodes back to back. Here's some of our favorite tips and tricks to make your watch session more enjoyable.

Watch with friends and family

If you can't gather a crew for your "The Great British Baking Show" marathon, you can still binge-watch with your friends and loved ones remotely. Netflix Party allows you to "host" viewing parties for multiple people on different devices.

After downloading the Chrome extension, click on the NP button on the extension bar near the top right of your browser screen to start a session. It will provide a link that you can share. Whoever joins will be able to watch the content simultaneously, and there's a nifty chat screen on the side for your heated, passionate discussions.

Watch while lying down

Can't be bothered to sit up while streaming Netflix? the Netflix Flip Chrome extension lets rotate the screen so you can watch while lying on your side.

After downloading the extension, start your show and click on the red circle with the white arrow on your extension toolbar. It should be on the upper right hand side of your screen. Then, use the buttons to rotate the screen until it reaches the optimal angle.

Multi-task while watching

Extensions like Floating Browser Window let you create a small screen so you can watch a video while still browsing the web. Go to the link above, and select "Launch App." You should see a pop-up window where you can enter a website address, as well as a guide to some keyboard shortcuts to let you toggle between windows and refresh the page.

Helium for OSX has similar functions. As an added bonus, you can change the smaller screen's transparency. You'll be able to see everything else on your screen — like the thing you're supposed to be working on. (Not that we advocate binge-watching at work.)

Get rid of the moochers

If you have quite a few freeloaders on your account, your viewing experience can harshly interrupted by Netflix's simultaneous streaming limits.

Luckily, Netflix provides an easy way to kick them off.

If you're viewing on your computer, click on the drop down arrow on the right side of the page and select "Account." Under settings, click on "Sign out of all devices." Sign in again, go back to the "Account" option and change your password. Watch your show in peace.

Save time between episodes

Don't want Netflix to judge you because you've been watching for hours? The Netflix Pause Removal extension will get rid of the "Are you still watching?" pop-ups that show up during long binge-watching sessions. Skipflix automatically clicks the "Skip Intro" button. Never Ending Netflix lets you skip title sequences, automatically play next episodes, hide auto play promoted videos, and banish the continue watching prompt.

Know the Netflix Bible

If you don't want to limit your binge-watching to a single series, you can watch video from an entire category or class of shows or movies. 

Netflix has internal codes assigned to different genres to categorized their movies, TV shows and specials. For example, 10118 is comic book and super hero movies, while 29764 is their selection of art house movies. What's On Netflix, Ogres Crypt and BGR have comprehensive lists. Once you find your number, insert it into this website address You'll see a bunch of related material you can watch back to back.

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This is the reason Daymond John doesn’t binge-watch TV