Microsoft executive boasts that even Google employees are adopting one of its products

Key Points
  • Microsoft's Visual Studio Code software has more than 4.5 million monthly active users.
  • Amazon Web Services recently said it's working on an integration for Visual Studio Code.
Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela at a company event in 2015.

Software that originated at Microsoft is seeing major adoption at Google, a top Microsoft executive said on Wednesday.

The open-source Visual Studio Code application works on many operating systems. It's a manifestation of the new Microsoft that's less centered on Windows and more willing to work with other technologies, and rivals.

"The majority of Google developers are using it now," Chris Capossela, Microsoft's chief marketing officer, said on the Windows Weekly podcast, during a conversation with Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott. "It's just been embraced. And it's because it works on all these platforms, and they've been so customer-centric that team."

Google did immediately not respond to a request for comment about the remark.

Visual Studio Code is available for Linux and MacOS, in addition to Windows. It has more than 4.5 million monthly active users, following its release in 2015. In this year's Stack Overflow survey of developers, Visual Studio Code -- sometimes referred to as VSCode -- was chosen as the most popular development environment, ahead of Microsoft's own proprietary Visual Studio software, as well as other tools for writing code, like Android Studio, Eclipse, Sublime Text and Vim.

Meanwhile, in November public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services revealed that it's working on software that will make it easier to work with AWS resources from inside of Visual Studio Code.

Capossela said that just as Microsoft cares about business adoption of its offerings, it remains focused on consumers, and education. "There's ... a business imperative that you've got to have software developers who are learning computer science in high school using VSCode," Capossela said.

The technology has become something Microsoft executives point when they want to demonstrate the company's willingness to work across platforms.

"VSCode is one of the most interesting products we've built as a company," Microsoft's chief financial officer, Amy Hood, said at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in September.

After Visual Studio Code came out, Microsoft brought its proprietary SQL Server database software to Linux. And this year it acquired GitHub, the home of Visual Studio Code and many other open-source projects, it joined the Linux-centric Open Invention Network, and it opted to put the Chromium, the open-source technology behind Google's Chrome, at the core of its Edge web browser and contribute to Chromium.

"I think for me, this was the year that people really started to see that open-source is something that is important to the company," Capossela said on Wednesday.

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