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Here's what Bill Gates got from his Reddit Secret Santa this year

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Since its inception in 2009, the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange has inspired nearly a million people worldwide to send gifts to a total Internet stranger. High-profile people like Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon have been known to participate, and this year the CEO of eBay even sent boxes and boxes of presents to a lucky giftee.

While there's an opportunity that you might receive a gift from a celebrity or business mogul, there's also the chance that you might have to give one of them a gift. Case in point: Bill Gates participates in the gift exchange each year. So what do you get someone who's worth $93 billion?

On Wednesday, Bill Gates announced on Reddit that he had received a gift from his Reddit Secret Santa (although he did not reveal that person's name). Since Gates can afford pretty much anything he wants, he tweeted that he'd asked his Secret Santa to give to a cause that matters to them. The Redditor who was matched with Gates did just that, and gave what seems to be the perfect gift for the billionaire philanthropist: a donation to the International Rescue Committee in Bill Gates' name. According to the organization's website, it provides care to "people fleeing conflict and natural disaster."


"I love to learn (I often come to Reddit just to discover new things). I know I'm lucky, because I've always had access to the tools I need," Gates writes in his post about the gift on Reddit. "I've never had to learn in an under-resourced setting like a refugee camp.

"That's why my Secret Santa's gift means so much to me: she's helping a young girl continue to learn in a refugee camp through International Rescue Committee," he writes. "Thank you for your generosity in donating a year of school on my behalf. Happy holidays!"

(While the amount of the Secret Santa's donation in Gates' name was not disclosed, according to IRC's website, "school fees, books and other supplies a child needs to attend school for a year," can be provided for $58.)

Indeed, the present was a great gift choice for Gates, who has a passion for philanthropy. Over his career, Gates and his wife Melinda have spent billions on charitable causes through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In fact, CNBC previously reported that the reason Gates is not the richest person in the world (a title he held on and off for decades), is because he's given away so much of his wealth. Gates also created The Giving Pledge with billionaire buddy Warren Buffett, in which the ultra-rich commit to donating at least half their wealth to charity.

Other Redditors applauded the choice of the gift, with one user even urging others to donate and writing, "Great job Santa and thank you Bill Gates for giving me a name of an organization that I can add to my list to donate to," reads one comment.

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