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Billionaire Bill Gates was this craft-lover's Reddit Secret Santa — here's the epic haul of gifts he gave

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Billionaire Bill Gates is known as an epic gift-giver. He often participates in Reddit's annual Secret Santa gift exchange, in which Reddit users are matched up with Internet strangers to give presents. Last year, Gates gifted a refrigerator-sized box of feline-themed gifts to a cat lover.

This year, Gates was matched with a Redditor who has so far remained anonymous but self-describes as a lover of yarn and natural fibers, a crocheter, as well as an owner of four dogs, four cats and a miniature horse. So Gates decided to give his giftee a personalized and creative gift, keeping those qualities in mind.

"I know you love making cards, so I've included lots of them in your gift: greeting cards, postcards, even playing cards! I may have tucked one card into a hiding place too," Gates writes in his letter to his giftee. "And look around for a special greeting from one of your favorite authors."

Source: moondazed via Reddit

"When I first saw this I didn't realize what I was looking at," the Redditor writes in their post of receiving the package. "I united the bow and saw the picture of Bill Gates and thought, "Ha ha, someone is being a smart aleck and pretending Bill Gates is my Santa…"

But indeed, the gift was from Gates.

"I read my message with a lump in my throat, because my Christmas spirit has been flagging a bit this year because of work and life," the giftee writes. "And suddenly, it all came rushing back!"

Source: moondazed via Reddit

The gift included a plethora of festively wrapped boxes of gifts, which consisted of a custom-made blanket for the giftee's miniature horse, sheets of stamps with themes like "Star Trek" and "Scooby-Doo," yarn and a yarn swift, rolls of decorative tape used for decorating envelopes, colored pencils, sketchbooks, postcards and a signed copy of "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" by Hank Green.

Reddit user Moondazed
Reddit user Moondazed

Gates also gifted copies of some of his famously favorite books, including "Factfulness" by Hans Rosling and "Enlightenment Now" by Steven Pinker, as well as a "very generous" Michael's gift card. The giftee also received a sketch from Gates, instructing them to follow a URL for a special message (the URL was redacted in the post). There were a number of other, small goodies including candy and scented soap.


Gates also made his own, hand-drawn deck of cards, called "Bill's Deck of Books," consisting of sketches of 54 books he highly recommends. The suit of hearts represented books about saving lives and global health. Spades consisted of science and technology books, clubs represented books he recommended on history and politics, and diamonds were "diversions," which Gates says are books that made him laugh, improved his tennis game or were just enjoyable.

Reddit user Moondazed

And in typical Gates fashion, the billionaire philanthropist donated, this year to Rikki's Refuge, an animal rescue sanctuary in Orange County, Virginia, that works with animals from dogs and cats to emus and pot-bellied pigs, in his giftee's name. The giftee notes the sanctuary is located nearby.

You can see a gallery of the gifts here

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