10 jobs to apply to during the holidays that pay $60,000 or more

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If you're looking to make a career change in 2019, then now is the perfect time to start your job search.

Currently, there are a record number of openings in the economy, putting job-seekers in the best position to strike gold on new opportunities.

To help steer you in the right direction, job site Glassdoor created a list of well-paying jobs you should apply to over the holidays. Glassdoor used data from its platform to figure out what top companies are hiring, the positions they have available, the salary range offered and the location.

Take a look below at 10 of the highest-paying jobs on the list:

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10. Research Scientist Intern at Lyft

Glassdoor Salary Range: $60,000-$86,000

Location: San Francisco, California

Glassdoor description: Research scientist interns at Lyft help to effectively match passengers with drivers, predict travel time and distance and provide information on how to balance supply and demand on the platform.

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9. Manager of Customer Success Managers at Glassdoor

Glassdoor Salary Range: $$60,000-$100,000

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Glassdoor description: As a manager of customer success managers, you will lead and mentor a team of Glassdoor employees who will work to help shape the experience for thousands of Glassdoor customers and their companies.

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8. Production Manager at the Clorox Company

Glassdoor Salary Range: $61,000-$104,000

Location: Morrisville, North Carolina

Glassdoor description: Production managers help to lead manufacturing operations in order "to ensure that safety, quality, production, and cost goals are met."

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7. Expert Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group

Glassdoor Salary Range: $70,000-$112,000

Location: Washington, D.C.

Glassdoor description: Expert project leaders at Boston Consulting Group help their clients to improve their performance and strategic capabilities for their companies.

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6. Member Research Strategist II at Navy Federal Credit Union

Glassdoor Salary Range: $72,000-$109,000

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Glassdoor description: Member research strategists help to "provide expert research project management and strategic primary research guidance to internal business partners" at Navy Federal Credit Union.

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5. Business Analyst at DXC Technology

Glassdoor Salary Range: $73,000-$114,000

Location: Plano, Texas

Glassdoor description: Business analysts at DXC Technology work closely with clients and stakeholders to research, analyze and document new business requirements.

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4. Senior Account Executive at Bizzabo

Glassdoor Salary Range: $80,000-$105,000

Location: New York, New York

Glassdoor description: As a senior account executive at Bizzabo you will have the opportunity to manage large accounts like EA Sports, Hubspot, Teach For America, Harvard and the United Nations.

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3. Design Engineer at Philips

Glassdoor Salary Range: $80,000-$108,000

Location: Andover, Massachusetts

Glassdoor description: As a design engineer you will help with developing and executing new product designs.

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2. Senior Risk Control Consultant at Liberty Mutual

Glassdoor Salary Range: $82,000-$104,000

Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Glassdoor description: Senior risk control consultants conduct detailed research and analysis in order to make recommendations that "control customer's source of risk, loss and/or costs."

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1. Marketing Manager at Johnson & Johnson

Glassdoor Salary Range: $101,000-$145,000

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

Glassdoor description: As a marketing manager at Johnson & Johnson you will mentor junior members of the company and assist with cultivating a good relationship between the marketing and sales teams.

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Man with headphones listening to music and using digital tablet on sofa in Christmas living room.
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