So far, we've seen an Alexa-enabled mirror, smart skateboard, and language-translating earpiece at CES

Here are 5 cool things we've already seen at the year's biggest tech show

The show floor at CES 2019 kicks off on Tuesday morning, but at an event called CES Unveiled on Sunday evening CNBC saw a small preview of some of the gadgets that will be on display.

Companies big and small had new products. Everything seems to be connected to the internet, and tech with Alexa and Assistant built in already seems to be an early trend at the show.

As you'll see in the video above, I even saw a mirror with Alexa and Facebook built in. There was also a smart suitcase that followed me around, a smart skateboard that guides people who don't know how to skateboard, and an earpiece that can translate 36 languages in real time.