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'Shark Tank' star Daymond John's email rule is the most important part of his morning routine

Daymond John
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From Elon Musk to Rob Gronkowski to Mark Wahlberg, many business moguls, athletes and celebrities start off their days with a regular morning routine that sets them up for success. Businessman and star of ABC's "Shark Tank" Daymond John is no different.

But of all things you can do in the morning, there is one habit that John finds particularly useful — he refrains from checking his email right after he wakes up.

"When you wake up in the morning and look at emails, you're going to be consumed by everyone else's emails of people asking you what they need to be done," John tells CNBC Make It. "You don't get an email in the morning that says, 'All those problems I had last week, I solved them, and the check is on the way to you for a million dollars.'"

John takes it a step further, and along with refraining from email, also avoids looking at social media — like Instagram —too.

"I don't look at Instagram because everyone there is skinnier and sexier and richer than me," John says. "So if I wake up in the morning, looking at everyone's problems from an email, and then also thinking about how everyone is living a great life, then I walk out of the room depressed."

John, who spoke with CNBC Make It while promoting his partnership with Mattel on Silicon Valley Startups — an improv card game that has "entrepreneurs" pitching funny start-up ideas they drew from the deck to "investors" — may be onto something. Studies have shown that cutting down on screen time has a number of health benefits (limiting kids' screen time, for example, has been linked to improved brain function). And social media usage is not great for personal well-being: For example, a study published in November found a causal link between time spent on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and increased depression and loneliness.

So instead of starting his day on the wrong foot, John uses his precious moments in the A.M. as a way to focus on himself and what he needs to do to reach his own goals.

"What I do is I start to set up in the morning all the times I want to spend with my family, with myself, focus on my goals," John says. "And when I walk into the world, I'm concentrating on what I want to accomplish."

His approach is clearly working: John started clothing company FUBU in 1992 with just $40 and grew it into a $6 billion fashion brand, he has penned a number of best-selling books and has skyrocketed to entrepreneurial fame thanks to his decade-long tenure on "Shark Tank."

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