Roku deleted the InfoWars app following a flood of user complaints

Key Points
  • Roku recently allowed two InfoWars streaming apps in the Roku Channel Store.
  • InfoWars has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, Apple podcasts, Twitter and other platforms for violating hate speech policies.
  • Roku has since deleted the InfoWars app following a flood of user complaints and negative press coverage.
Anthony Wood
Source: CNBC

Months after Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Twitter and other platforms banned InfoWars content, Roku seemed to do the opposite: It recently published an updated app that provided access to Alex Jones' InfoWars videos. The app was first spotted by DigiDay and, ultimately, Roku decided to delete it following a flood of complaints and criticism.

Many of the aforementioned companies had banned InfoWars five months ago for violating user terms, including policies that prohibit hate speech. But, before changing its stance on the app, Roku told DigiDay that InfoWars hadn't broken any policies yet, so it was free to run its content.

But there was a backlash on places like Twitter and the tech press where people questioned why Roku would allow InfoWars on its platform when so many others had found it violated terms. Roku's developer terms prohibit apps that "harm, threaten, harass, bully, or defame any end user or constitute hate speech... contain false, irrelevant or misleading information."

InfoWars has been known for reporting conspiracy theories, most notably that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.

In an email to CNBC with the subject line "Roku / InfoWars - WE TOOK IT DOWN," the company gave the following statement:

After the InfoWars channel became available, we heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform. Deletion from the channel store and platform has begun and will be completed shortly.

At the time of publication two InfoWars apps, including one that appeared to be updated on Tuesday, were no longer available in the Roku Channel store.

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