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Steve Carell will star in Netflix 'Space Force' comedy – as Trump pushes for the real thing

Key Points
  • "Space Force" is a new comedy series Netflix announced on Wednesday.
  • Steve Carell will get record-breaking fees for the show, according to Hollywood Reporter.
Actor Steve Carell
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Netflix may beat the White House to creating the first iteration of a military branch in outer space, as the media company announced a new comedy series called "Space Force" on Wednesday.

Steve Carell will be executive producer and co-creator of the series along with Greg Daniels. Carell is expected to make more than $1 million per episode, people familiar told the Hollywood Reporter.

"From the guys that brought you the Office," Netflix said in a teaser tweet for "Space Force." "This is the story of the men and women who have to figure it out."

@realspaceforce: From the guys that brought you The Office. Welcome to Space Force.

The show's recently-created Twitter handle, "@realspaceforce," says the series is "coming soon to Netflix."

Netflix is drawing on talent it knows is hard to find. The Office, created over a decade ago, is widely-believed to be the most streamed show on Netflix.

President Donald Trump first floated the idea for a standalone Space Force in March. The plan quickly gained popularity within the administration and Vice President Mike Pence announced in August a detailed plan for Trump's vision. The Space Force would be the first military branch in over 70 years if it comes to pass.

Read the full Pentagon report to Congress here.

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VP Mike Pence details White House's 'space force' plan
VP Mike Pence details White House's 'space force' plan