#NeverTweet: Time to cut back on social?

Fortt Knox Live: Time to Cut Back on Social?

Apple pulled a Facebook app from the App Store. It's called Facebook Research, and its purpose was to let Facebook watch everything that its users did on the phone. Apple says the snooping app is too invasive, even if users consented to letting Facebook watch their every move.

That raises some questions. How much social media is too much? Are we giving these platforms too much data? Are we posting stuff too quickly without thinking about it? Is it time to step back?

Jon Fortt sits down with Farhad Manjoo, a New York Times columnist, who recently wrote a column about the response to the controversy around Covington Catholic students, and how that inspired him to change his Twitter behavior.

Also joining the conversation is Jeff Jarvis, professor at the City University of New York, Chris Moody, former data strategy VP at Twitter and Jaron Lanier, noted computer scientist and researcher at Microsoft.

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