Cramer's lightning round: Morgan Stanley has great opportunity

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Deere & Co.: "I think John Deere is such a buy. When you talk about trade and Europeans, they should let more Deere stuff in. I think Deere is terrific. And the Europeans better start playing ball with us, that's what I have to say."

TherapeuticsMD Inc: "It's done nothing … It ain't workin', it ain't workin'. I'm gonna have to say don't buy. I just have to put it like that."

Box Inc.: "I like that upgrade. I wanted to call [CEO] Aaron [Levie]. Aaron, I believe that was a good upgrade. I agree with it. I still think the company should be acquired, but Aaron's too young to want to sell."

Cummins Inc.: "It's regarded as a China play. Is that right that its regarded as a china play? Well, it's got a lot of business in China, but it really is. There was an upgrade and a downgrade today. I read through it. I actually thought the quarter was fine. It's got a 3 percent yield. I'm not worried ... I think that when you buy that stock with a 3 percent yield and you buy it a little bit lower after, you're going to do well. But don't look at it tomorrow or the next day, because it wont do well until we get a china deal. Even though it should be doing well."

Verizon Communications Inc.: "Clean. Good. Solid. Good yield. Verizon, terrific stock."

Morgan Stanley: "I want you to buy it. [CEO] James Gorman had one of the best quarters that everybody hated. That's true. It was not a miss, it was not clean, it was not perfect. And that's where the opportunity comes. I say Morgan Stanley is great, I say Oregon is great and I like Dutch Brothers coffee when I'm out there."

Canopy Growth Corp.: "I feel this last move from $45 to $50 needs time to digest. I'm walking away from now. If it goes to $60, it's going to do without me. I don't mind. I've been behind it a long time and I don't want tog get anybody hurt."

Principal Financial Group Inc.: "Four-and-a-half percent yield. Eight times earnings. I mean give me a break. You're going to be fine with Principal. I know people don't like the yield curve, that's what they get hurt by. I think it's a fine steady as she goes company and all of us who remember in 2007 and 9 and tried to write it off were wrong."

Johnson & Johnson: "[CEO] Alex Gorsky is doing a terrific job and I think that—look, my heart goes out to anybody that has ovarian cancer—but my take is that they did not cause these problems. And that you should buy it."

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Johnson & Johnson.

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