Rapper and Netflix star Killer Mike is 'pretty frugal'—this is the one thing he splurges on

'Frugal' rapper Killer Mike reveals his one financial splurge

Grammy-winning rapper Killer Mike has earned millions from music, entrepreneurship and his new Netflix series "Trigger Warning." 

He tells CNBC Make It that despite his wealth, he's still "pretty frugal with money." But he admits there is one thing he splurges on: muscle cars.  

Exactly how much does he spend on his indulgence of choice? "Too much money, is what my wife tells me."

The 43-year-old says that he has about six cars ("No car guy keeps exact numbers!"), with his "daily driver" being a Dodge Hellcat with 707 horsepower. He also has a 1996 Impala with less than 2,500 miles on it, a 1961 Impala and a 1968 Firebird that he purchased as a surprise for his wife.

Currently, he says, he's having a 1969 Firebird built. It will include "an LS3 engine with about 550 horse, [a] 4-link rear suspension [and] a big beefed up transmission."

Rapper Killer Mike of Run the Jewels performs in concert during So So Def 25th Cultural Curren$y Tour at State Farm Arena on October 21, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Paras Griffin | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images

"Oh, and I'm going to buy a Grand National," he adds. "That's my dream car, so I'm probably going to buy myself a Grand National for my birthday." He admits that he loves the speed of muscle cars and says, "if you're not doing 130, 140 or 150 miles an hour in a car down a regular street, then you might not have lived yet."

Aside from cars, the Atlanta native says he spends his money wisely, and "lives like a successful working class guy."

"I have a home that is a very nice home," he says. "It's big and beautiful, but it's well below what I could afford. I drive an American muscle car. I drive a Hellcat. My wife drives a Mercedes. But, you know, I'm just a regular guy."

The rapper, who owns a chain of barbershops in Atlanta with his wife called The SWAG Shop, says he learned a lot of his smart financial habits from his grandparents who "were very frugal with money." To this day, he says, he carries those practices with him to avoid "becoming someone who wasted an opportunity to change, in terms of generational wealth."

"Having money to floss and gold chains and stuff, that's cool because you're a rapper, you're young, you're flashy and it attracts people to look at you," he says. "But at the end of the day, my net worth is worth a lot more than what my neck is worth."

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