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JGBs rise following central bank's bond buying operation

TOKYO, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Japanese government bond prices edged higher on Friday after the Bank of Japan conducted a regular debt-buying operation.

The 10-year JGB yield fell half a basis point to minus 0.050 percent.

The 20-year yield slipped 1 basis point to 0.390 percent, its lowest since November 2016.

The BOJ on Friday offered to buy 660 billion yen of five- to 40-year JGBs. The central bank regularly purchases JGBs from the market as part of its yield curve-controlling scheme.

Longer-dated JGBs had gained through much of the week and their yields declined on steady demand from investors gearing up for the fiscal year-end in March.

JGBs such as 20- and 30-year bonds attracted bids also because they still offer yields above zero when the benchmark 10-year yield has slipped firmly into the negative.

The bond market showed little reaction to data showing Japan's core consumer inflation rising 0.8 percent in January from the previous year, with the outcome in line with forecasts. (Reporting by the Tokyo markets team; Editing by Shreejay Sinha)