Salesforce, Dell and 8 other top tech companies hiring remote workers now

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According to a recent survey from employment site Indeed, 47 percent of employees say that a remote work policy is important to them when looking for a new job. Forty percent also say they would consider a pay cut for a job that allows them to work from anywhere.

That's why, in an effort to attract and retain the best talent, many employers are offering more work-from-home options to their staff.

Earlier this year, FlexJobs created a list of the top 100 companies to watch for remote jobs in 2019, with many tech companies dominating the list. From Dell to Salesforce to GitHub, here are 10 top tech employers identified by FlexJobs, that are hiring for remote positions now:


1. Appen

Remote positions offered: search engine evaluator, voice data collector, crowdsourcing

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2. Dell

Remote positions offered: business development manager, storage specialist, senior solution architect

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3. Appiro

Remote positions offered: manager – full stack architect, digital project lead, enterprise cloud architect

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4. Cisco

Remote positions offered: software engineer, security consulting engineer, software developer

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5. Salesforce

Remote positions offered: principal software engineer, strategic technology advisor, senior technical consultant

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6. ConsenSys

Remote positions offered: DevOps engineer, senior back-end engineer, lead UX content designer

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7. GitHub

Remote positions offered: enterprise support engineer, manager – product design, engineering manager

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8. Lenovo

Remote positions offered: chief software architect, senior software developer, augmented/virtual reality solutions architect

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9. Ultimate Software

Remote positions offered: technical consultant, enterprise architect, time management consultant

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10. Rackspace

Remote positions offered: technical architect, software developer – managed public clouds, lead cloud engineer

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