Republican Gov. Larry Hogan heads to Iowa amid speculation about a 2020 primary run

As anti-Trump Republicans implore him to run in 2020, MD Gov. Larry Hogan heads to Iowa
As anti-Trump Republicans implore him to run in 2020, MD Gov. Larry Hogan heads to Iowa

CNBC's John Harwood sat down with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. They talked about why the Republican and potential 2020 Trump challenger is visiting Iowa.

John Harwood: You're going to Iowa pretty soon. What are you going to do out there?

Larry Hogan: It's a National Governor's Association event, and as the co-chair, I'm required to be there. I'll be out there with Kim Reynolds, so the governor of Iowa, and Steve Bullock, who's the chairman, and it's going to be focused on jobs and we have a couple-day seminar. So it's not, I won't be hitting all 99 counties and going to every diner and looking like a presidential candidate.

John Harwood: But you'll be doing a little politics out there, too.

Larry Hogan: I'm going to see some folks and have a few meetings and looking forward to being in Iowa.

John Harwood: Tell me when you envision coming to a conclusion one way or the other about this idea that we've been talking about.

Larry Hogan: Look, again, I don't have any kind of timeline because I'm not considering it, but I think the filing deadlines for, say New Hampshire, are sometime in the late fall.

Today, it might not make any sense, but who knows where we're going to be in two months or six months from now. All bets are off. We don't have any idea.

John Harwood: Is part of your thinking what the Mueller report shows and how people react to that?

Larry Hogan: I think everybody's looking to see what, if anything, comes out of that, and I don't know. I have no idea. I don't have access to the information. If something really alarming, if indictments come out of there, if it leads to impeachment, I mean, things are a lot different than they are today.