These are the 10 happiest and healthiest states in America


The residents of Hawaii have bragging rights once again. Hawaii is the top state in Gallup's National Health and Well-Being Index, released on Wednesday, for the seventh year in a row.

The Gallup ranking is based on surveys of more than 115,000 adults across all 50 US states conducted by Gallup throughout 2018. Gallup's Well-Being Index scores each state based on how happy residents say they are with their career, social life and community, as well as their financial security and physical health.

Hawaii's overall well-being score for 2018 was 64.6 (out of 100), edging out second-place Wyoming's score of 64.2.

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The lowest state on Gallup's index (for the 10th year in a row) was West Virginia, with a score of 57, which finished last in the rankings for career and community happiness, as well as physical health.

Here are the top 10 happiest and healthiest states and their corresponding scores (out of 100) on Gallup's National Health and Well-Being Index.

1. Hawaii (64.6)

2. Wyoming (64.2)

3. Alaska (63.9)

4. Montana (63.5)

5. Utah (63.4)

6. Colorado (63.4)

7. Vermont (63.3)

8. Delaware (62.9)

9. South Dakota (62.7)

10. North Dakota (62.7)

Unfortunately, Gallup noted that the country's overall well-being score declined in 2018 to 61.2 from a score of 61.5 the previous year. Gallup cites "an erosion in social and career well-being" in the US as the cause of the year-to-year decline.

According to Gallup, higher levels of well-being in any region can help boost local businesses, because well-being is tied to improved workplace performance and employee engagement.

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