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Cramer's lightning round: We are recommending this speculative stock

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Weibo Corp.: "I'm not a fan. I'm just not a fan, what can I tell you? I just feel like it's a dice roll. I'm recommending Alibaba, that's it."

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc.: "I have to do work. I do not know that. It's a closed fund. I don't what they're in, I will find out if I can and come back."

AeroVironment Inc.: "I thought it was a good quarter. There are constantly shorts in this thing. The drone business is good. A lot of the defense stocks are down. People didn't like the federal budget for the defense stocks, but I think you're fine AeroVironment, AVAV."

Invitae Corp.: Genetic information companies. We've been recommending them for [speculative] only, but we do recommend them. We think there's a lot to like. Remember, we had Veeva on, I've heard a lot of good things. We've been listening to a lot of cloud-based companies that do stuff, including—by the way Charles River [Laboratories], it's not cloud-based but they do a lot of the technical work. I like this group."

Charles Schwab Corp.: "I wouldn't give up on it because I'm generally bullish for 2019, not bearish, and therefore it would be ill-advised for me to tell you to dump the stock here."

Ormat Technologies Inc.: "I like it. It's renewable energy. I've like this company for absolutely forever. I know it hasn't done that much lately, but I do like it very much."

Watch the full lightning round here:

Cramer's lightning round: We are recommending this speculative stock

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