UK House of Parliament speaker warns Theresa May to not bring 'Withdrawal Deal' back for a vote

Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

The U.K. Parliament speaker John Bercow has warned Theresa May's government that it should not bring a replica of its proposed Brexit "Withdrawal Deal" back to lawmakers for a third vote.

In a statement to Parliament, the speaker of the House of Commons said the first two votes had substantial enough differences to merit lawmakers voting on both.

It was expected that a third vote on the PM's "Withdrawal Deal" would take place in the House of Commons on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. The two previous votes saw May's draft proposal defeated by a record margin of 230 at the first attempt and then 149 votes in the second.

Bercow said the government could not "legitimately resubmit" a third proposition that matched the first two.

The intervention will be seen as yet another obstacle to the U.K. government who are hoping to pass their deal by banking that lawmakers will change their vote, rather than risk any long delay to Britain's departure.

Sterling dipped slightly following the statement.