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DIARY-Government Debt Auctions to April 29

March 26 (Reuters) - For other diaries, please see:

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DATE COUNTRY AUCTION DETAILS26-Mar United States Sale of 2-year notes

26-Mar United Kingdom Auction of 0 1/8% Index-linked Treasury Gilt 2048

26-Mar Italy CTZ/BTPi auction26-Mar Japan Auction of 40-year government bonds26-Mar Germany Auction of 2-year Treasury notes27-Mar United States Sale of 2-year floating rate notes27-Mar United States Sale of 5-year notes27-Mar Italy Bills auction27-Mar Sweden Auction of government bonds27-Mar Norway Auction of Treasuries27-Mar Germany Auction of 10-year Federal bonds28-Mar United States Sale of 7-year notes28-Mar Italy Medium-long term auction28-Mar Japan Auction of 2-year government bonds1-Apr Japan Auction of 10-year government bonds2-Apr Belgium Auction of Treasury bills3-Apr Japan 3-month discount bill auction3-Apr Japan Auction of 30-year government bonds3-Apr Sweden Auction of Treasury bills4-Apr Sweden Auction of inflation-linked government bonds5-Apr Japan 3-month discount bill auction8-Apr Norway Auction of Treasury bills8-Apr France Auction of BTF Treasury notes9-Apr United States Sale of 3-year notes9-Apr Japan 6-month discount bill auction9-Apr Japan Auction of 5-year government bonds9-Apr Belgium Auction of Treasury bills10-Apr United States Sale of 10-year notes10-Apr Sweden Auction of government bonds10-Apr Norway Auction of Treasuries11-Apr United States Sale of 30-year bond11-Apr Italy Bills auction12-Apr Italy Medium-long term auction12-Apr Japan 3-month discount bill auction16-Apr Japan Auction of 20-year government bonds18-Apr Japan 1-year discount bill auction18-Apr France Index-linked Securities auction19-Apr Japan 3-month discount bill auction23-Apr United States Sale of 2-year notes23-Apr Japan Auction of 2-year government bonds24-Apr United States Sale of 2-year floating rate notes24-Apr United States Sale of 5-year notes24-Apr Italy Zero Coupon/BTPi auction24-Apr Sweden Auction of government bonds25-Apr United States Sale of 7-year notes26-Apr Italy Bills auction27-Apr Italy Medium-long term auction29-Apr Belgium OLO Auction



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