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Dream internship alert: This company will pay you to travel around the world in first-class


With summer internship season quickly approaching, one gig is promising much more than just coffee runs and note-taking — travel website The Points Guy will pay you to travel around the world in style.

The site is currently accepting applications for what it calls the "Best Summer Internship...Ever." The Points Guy's Travel and Rewards intern will get to fly around the world, reviewing things like flights, hotels and trains and posting on social media.

Some of the travel will be pretty swanky, such as "first class [seats] on Emirates or Cathay Pacific" airlines, or staying at "some of the world's top hotels from the Greek isles to the heart of Singapore's glistening skyline," the job description reads.

But not everything will be top of the line: "Just to keep you down to earth, there will be occasional reviews of premium economy or, dare we even say it, coach," the listing says.

In addition to regular qualifications — like you must be a college student or a recent graduate — applicants also have to be 21 or older (to review booze) and "must be able to tell apart Cristal from Korbel [champagne], while blindfolded, or at least be willing to learn," the job listing states.

As a bonus, whoever gets the job will be able to keep the frequent flyer miles and hotel points they rack up during the internship. Compensation and internship start and end dates will be based on the candidate's qualifications and schedule, The Points Guy tells CNBC Make It.

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