The CNBC Technology Executive Council Advisory Board

The CNBC Technology Executive Council Advisory Board consists of highly accomplished experts hailing from all corners of the tech world, cutting across a variety of industries and the public sector, with a significant technology pedigree. These thought leaders offer perspective on the most pressing technology issues and aids in the formation of the CNBC Technology Executive Council.

TEC advisory board 2019

Anant Agarwal edX Chief Executive Officer
Carl Bass Former Autodesk President & Chief Executive Officer
Jim Breyer Breyer Capital Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Aneesh Chopra President CareJourney; Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States
Beth Comstock Author; Former GE Vice Chair
Kenneth Goldman Hillspire President; Former Yahoo CFO
Theresia Gouw Aspect Ventures Co-founder
Helen Greiner iRobot Co-founder; CyPhy Works Founder
Katie Haun Andreessen Horowitz General Partner
Perry Hewitt Former Chief Digital Officer Harvard Univeristy
Walter Isaacson, Distinguished Fellow Aspen Institute & Professor of History Tulane. Walter Isaacson Tulane Professor of Histroy; Former Aspen Institute CEO
Imran Khan Verishop Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer; Former Snap Chief Strategy Officer
Jaron Lanier Computer Scientist Composer Artist & Author
Michael Luca Harvard Business School Associate Professor
Alexis Ohanian Initialized Capital Co-founder; Reddit Co-founder
Padmasree Warrior Former NIO U.S. Chief Executive Officer & Chief Development Officer
Tim Wu Columbia Law School Professor

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