From "The Profit: My Roots"

Marcus Lemonis makes unexpected discoveries in the CNBC original documentary 'The Profit: My Roots'

In last night's premiere of the CNBC original documentary "The Profit: My Roots," Marcus Lemonis unveiled stories of his Lebanese heritage that had once been a mystery.

In the 90-minute documentary, Lemonis traveled back to Lebanon for the first time since his adoption from a Beirut orphanage at the age of nine months. Lemonis made an emotional visit to the orphanage, where he learned the names of both of his biological parents through birth records.

While information regarding Lemonis' birth father remained scarce, the documents held a significant number of details about his birth mother — including an old phone number, her place of work, and more surprisingly, her Syrian background.

"I spent the first three or four days puzzled by my uncomfortableness here," Lemonis said in the documentary. "I was like a fish out of water. Why was I open to doing this? It struck me square in the face when I turned the corner in the orphanage and I saw an 80-year-old-plus nun who almost looked at me and greeted me as if I was her long-lost relative. I would use the word 'spiritual' or 'moving' or 'cathartic.' It was crazy for me."

There are still unsolved pieces to the story. While it is clear that Lemonis' birth mother was from Syria, it is unclear how he ended up at the orphanage or whether his birth parents were married.

Beyond the discoveries about his adoption, the documentary also highlights the culture of Lebanon through the eyes of thriving entrepreneurs, many of whom talk to Lemonis about their experiences during the country's civil war.

"Lebanon and its people have changed me," Lemonis said. "They're a reminder that life can be rebuilt."

The CNBC original documentary "The Profit: My Roots" can be watched on demand.