As the final season of 'Game of Thrones' begins, here's what the brands are doing

Game of Thrones gets it's own White Walker Whiskey. 
Source: HBO | Daigeo 

HBO just dropped the first episode of the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" and with it comes a host of brand promotions. From branded makeup to sneakers, fans can grab their own piece of the Seven Kingdoms.

Here's a look at some of them.

Scotch whisky

Diageo launched a whole single malt Scotch whisky collection in February, each themed on one of the show's Houses of Westeros as well as its military order, the Night's Watch. It already has a White Walker edition of its Johnnie Walker whisky, which it encourages fans to serve directly from the freezer.

Mountain Dew

What would you do for the Throne, Mountain Dew asked fans ahead of the show's finale. The soda brand is "making the ultimate sacrifice for the Throne," by unbranding its cans. Labels — made up of character Ayra Stark's kill list — are only visible if chilled.


The "Game of Thrones" Monopoly set includes Gold Dragon and Silver Stag cardboard coins and players buy holdfasts and castles instead of houses and hotels, not to mention an Iron Throne card holder that plays the show's theme tune. Hours of fun.


Classic cookie brand Oreo released its "Game of Thrones" themed collection last week after teasing them on Twitter with a "Cookies are coming" video.


The sneaker brand launched six limited-edition pairs of shoes, "inspired by the noble families and warring factions of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond The Wall," according to an online statement.

Urban Decay

The makeup brand created a range inspired by its favorite places in Westeros and the "strong women of the Seven Kingdoms," including Ayra Stark's needle eyeshadow brushes, Vice lipstick and Dracarys lip and cheek stain.

John Varvatos

Upscale menswear designer John Varvatos collaborated with HBO on a clothing line, ranging t-shirt collection for $98 a piece to a Winterfell leather jacket for $2,698.


The German retailer doesn't have an official tie-in with "Game of Thrones" but created its own "Game on Thrones" video, with characters comparing its own-label toilet paper with a branded version.