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Billionaire Richard Branson says this daily routine sets him up to 'achieve anything'

Sir Richard Branson
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Many successful moguls — from Tony Robbins to Kevin O'Leary — tout the effectiveness of a well-established, daily routine. Such is the case for billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, who says having a morning (and evening) fitness routine sets him up for success.

"I love to look after the body. If I feel great, I can achieve anything," Branson tells CNBC Make It.

So what exactly does he do?

"I play a very hard game of singles tennis every morning at 6, and I do the same again in the evening," Branson told CNBC Make It at the opening of Central Fare in Miami in April.

And Branson doesn't stop there.

"And I do 40 minutes of weight lifting, so that's once a day..." he says. "I might go kite surfing when I'm living on the island." (Branson owns Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, as well as Makepeace Island on Australia's Gold Coast.)

In January, Branson shared on his blog what he calls his "systematic fitness program" to make sure he keeps his weight down while building bone mass and muscle. That program includes workouts with weights and band stretches.

But the most important component of his workout routine, he says, is consistency.

"The key for everybody is sticking with it — we all know that feeling of the high we get when we do an hour of exercise — I never want to stop getting that wonderful endorphin rush," Branson wrote. "But it's easy to slip into a 'not today, I'll do it tomorrow,' mindset. You have to keep going even when you don't feel like it."

-Reporting by Erica Corsano, special to CNBC

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