Watch: AG William Barr talks about Mueller's report on the Trump-Russia probe

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Attorney General William Barr holds a news conference Thursday ahead of the release of the highly anticipated, redacted report on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.

Mueller delivered the document — which Barr said is "nearly 400 pages" long — to the Justice Department last month. The version to be released Thursday is expected to have major redactions.

Barr summarized the findings in a four-page briefing. He said Mueller did not find that the Trump campaign had coordinated with Moscow. The attorney general added that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded that there wasn't sufficient evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice.

Barr's summary said Mueller did not come to a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice and said the special counsel probe "does not exonerate" the president.

Trump, who called the investigation a "witch hunt" for the nearly two years it lasted, claimed "complete and total exoneration." However, Democrats questioned the motives of Barr, who wrote a memo criticizing the Russia probe before he was picked by Trump to lead the Justice Department.

Since the release of the summary on March 24, Democrats have called for Barr to make the full report public.

Barr will likely face questions not only about how he came to his conclusions about obstruction of justice, but also why he redacted certain portions of the report.

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