Dream job alert: This 'Amazon for millionaires' site will pay you to live on yachts


Taking a week-long trip on a luxurious yacht might be your dream vacation, but your dream job? A new luxury marketplace that's been called "Amazon for millionaires" is hiring for that exact gig.

Hush Hush — a London-based online marketplace for luxury goods and services — is hiring a yacht tester to live on the boats and review their quality before they are listed for sale on the site.

The contract gig pays 1,000 pounds per yacht — or currently around $1,301.

The reviewer will be required to live on the yacht for a week, reviewing its functions, quality and suitability for the luxury marketplace and create a detailed report.

"There are obvious perks to the job; you'll live, sleep, eat and shower on a yacht for a week, but during that week, we'll need you to test everything on the yacht," the listing states. "This means every plug socket, door, bed, shower, tap — everything to make sure that the yacht is up to our standards."

Requirements for the job include being flexible and available on short notice throughout the year, and you must be 21 and have a passport. Other requirements include reliability, work ethic, an eye for detail and "flair for writing detailed and high-quality reviews," according to the company. Knowledge of yachts is not required, but preferred. Reviewers will have the opportunity to test drive the yacht with an experienced captain present.

Hush Hush, which launched in January, sells things like supercars, jets, fashion and furniture. The site had been accused of lifting photos and inflating prices, but it tells CNBC Make It that the pricing issues have since been amended and its images are provided by its sellers.

While the company is based in the United Kingdom, the job for the yacht reviewer is open to U.S. applicants, too, the company notes. You can apply here

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Correction: This story has been revised to reflect that the pay for each review is 1,000 pounds, or about $1,300.