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Uber and volatility: The Reformed Broker on Twitter

Josh Brown Live

Today's market conversation was dominated by two things: The recent spate of volatility and the imminent public offering of Uber.

And there's some crossover between the topics.

Uber's IPO may be raising less money than had originally been expected due to a cooling off of investor enthusiasm for stocks in general and for ride-hailing services in particular.

With Lyft currently selling for 27% less than its opening tick, there's a bit of second-guessing going on among investors about whether or not these companies can continue to scale unprofitably.

Uber's great challenge is to convince investors that ongoing losses are optimal for the company's pursuit of dominant market share.

It must also convince Wall Street that it is more than just a networked taxi and limousine service — and so you can expect to hear a lot about Uber Eats as well as experiments in freight and trucking.

Lastly, the recent strikes by Lyft and Uber drivers may have cast a pall over the category in the media, but we'll see if investors are concerned at all about this ongoing issue.

Dominic Chu and I took your questions on these topics. Check out the show here:


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