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Here are the simplest ways to earn credit card rewards

A beginner's guide to credit card rewards

Navigating the world of points and cash-back deals can seem daunting — but it's worth it.

The average American could earn close to $400 a year if they just put their usual expenses on the right credit cards, according to

Competition between banks to offer the best card rewards has been heating up recently.

The best way to shop for a card is knowing what you might use it for. Comparing different cards and what they offer before deciding can help you get a card that best suits your lifestyle.

Some cards offer cash-back rewards on common expenses such as groceries, gas and travel.

Racking up rewards for expenses owed by other people (like picking up a group restaurant tab and collecting the cash from others) can earn you points, but being saddled with a huge bill without the time to pay it back can negatively affect your credit.

Another easy way to step up your rewards game is to peruse credit card shopping portals.

Many card issuers have their own portals that offer perks for visiting specific retailers.

Transfer programs also let you convert your perks into rewards like cash back or airline miles.

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