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TAKE A LOOK-Fiat Chrysler and Renault pursue $35 bln merger

May 28 (Reuters) - Fiat Chrysler has pitched a finely balancedmerger of equals to Renault to confront the costs of far-reaching

technological and regulatory changes by creating the world's third-biggest automaker. Following are Reuters top stories on the news:

> France wants FCA-Renault job guarantees and Nissan on board

> Blindsided by FCA-Renault plan, Nissan risks being left behind

> FCA, Renault pursue $35 bln merger to tackle sector challenges

> NEWSMAKER-Elkann enlists Renault to drive Fiat family fortunes

> BREAKINGVIEWS-Fiat gets motors revving on auto consolidation

> FOCUS-FCA's Italian headaches show challenges of global tie-up

> FACTBOX-The road to Fiat Chrysler, Renault merger talks

> Renault's board 'studying with interest' FCA deal terms

> Salvini says Italy supports FCA growth, expects jobs protected

> FCA, Renault deal could take more than a year to finalize -CEO

> France looking 'reasonably favorably' on Renault/Fiat deal

> Boutique bank run by Macron donor could help Fiat/Renault deal

> Italy might seek symmetry with Paris in FCA-Renault merger

> BREAKINGVIEWS-Car sector second-stringers lock arms to compete

> FACTBOX-Car industry consolidation: mega-mergers and alliances

(Compiled by Mark Potter)