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'Shark Tank' star Kevin O'Leary shares the Sunday routine that sets him up for success all week

Kevin O'Leary: This is my Sunday routine

On weekdays, "Shark Tank" star and self-made multimillionaire Kevin O'Leary wakes up at 5 a.m. then rides his exercise bike and reads the day's financial news before heading off to work.

On Sundays, however, he switches things up a bit. He still wakes up at 5 and exercises, but instead of reading about the markets, he watches CBS's "Sunday Morning," which "takes my mind off business," O'Leary tells CNBC Make It.

"Then I watch at least two political shows, to just see which way the wind is blowing," he adds. "Politics matter. If you're an investor like me, you want to know which direction the country's going."

For the rest of the day, O'Leary indulges in his hobbies. "I want to do things that interest me, my hobbies, my watch collection, my wine business," he says.

Courtesy of Kevin O'Leary

He also gets on the computer to spend a couple of hours "edit[ing] a lot of the social media products that we have in our businesses," he says. Although others could do the work for him, O'Leary says he does it himself to "keep my chops up."

Finally, spending time with his family is an integral part of his Sunday, he says.

"Usually on weekends I've got everybody together, and Sunday nights [we have] a big family dinner."

O'Leary says he tries to do it no matter how hard it is to get together.

"I like to go out to a restaurant sometimes. Sometimes you have 20 people," he says.

"It's an old Italian, Lebanese old-world tradition," explains O'Leary, who says he is half Lebanese and half Irish. "Grandmothers, mothers, all the kids around. It's just wonderful."

"It's just a great time, and it sets you up for the week ahead," O'Leary says.

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