Charmin's new 'Forever Roll' is a massive roll of toilet paper targeted at millennial customers

Photo courtesy of Charmin

Millennials have been accused of killing mayonnaise, saying no to pricey engagement rings and, most recently, giving up doorbells in favor of texting.  

And now, Procter & Gamble's Charmin is giving millennials their own spin on a ubiquitous consumer good. The company's new "Forever Roll" offers users a month's supply of toilet paper — all in one giant roll.

The Forever Roll's single-user size holds 850 sheets per roll, nearly twice the amount of the of the brand's Super Mega size roll. Most noticeably, the roll's narrow width allows it to fit in a cramped bathroom.

Charmin's web site promotes Forever Roll starter kits that come with customized wall mounts or freestanding to accommodate the massive roll. A "subscribe & save" option includes free shipping in the U.S., and automatically delivers three rolls every three months for $13.17, before tax.

Photo courtesy of Charmin

According to The Wall Street Journal, the roll is "8.7 or 12 inches in diameter, compared with roughly five inches for conventional rolls" and "can sit between toilet and wall — unused space in nearly any bathroom, P&G researchers found."

Rob Reinerman, Director of Innovation, P&G Family Care, tells CNBC Make It that the company believes the Forever Roll will be especially useful to millennials who may be living alone or in limited square footage. "Since our TP can last up to one month, that means it takes up less room for storage than a larger pack of TP would, and the Forever Roll can be delivered directly to your address to save the hassle of carrying TP and other purchases into your home."

Charmin isn't the only brand cashing in on a more affluent solo-dwelling consumer. As reported by the Journal citing the U.S. Census Bureau, 35.7 million Americans, 28% of households, live alone today, up from 13% of households in 1960 and 23% in 1980.

"Consumer-products companies are taking note, catering to what they see as a lucrative market for single-person households by upending generations of family-focused product development and marketing. Appliance makers are shrinking refrigerators and ovens. Food companies are producing more single-serving options. Household-product makers are revamping packaging."

And along with the fanfare, the product has attracted some genuine fans. 

"As far as silly millennial-targeted marketing goes, this is pretty spot on," wrote The Cut's Gabriella Paiella. "We live alone in small rentals because we can't afford to buy real estate, we're constantly working so we have limited time to run errands, and we LOVE using the bathroom."

Rachelle Hampton at Slate wrote that "the Forever Roll suggests a shifting tide, not toward new 'innovations' that require more plastic packaging, but toward smartly portioned products that actually makes sense for the 'party for one' more and more of us are throwing these days."

But not everyone was so charmed. 



The Forever Roll line is not yet available in stores, but customers can purchase the toilet paper online.

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