This St. Louis Blues fan won $100,000 on a $400 Stanley Cup bet he placed in January

The St. Louis Blues celebrate after defeating the Boston Bruins in Game Seven to win the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden on June 12, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Rich Gagnon | Getty Images

Betting on the underdog can pay off — big.

Wednesday night's Stanley Cup win by the St. Louis Blues, their first-ever Cup win in franchise history, resulted in one devoted fan cashing in big. A $400 bet on the win by Scott Berry has earned him $100,000 – $93,623 after taxes, as reported by sports betting publication The Action Network.


Berry placed the bet on the Blues to win the Stanley Cup during a work trip to Las Vegas back in January. At the time, the team ranked last in the NHL, and their odds of winning the Cup were listed at 250-1. Berry, a big sports fan but not typically a big bettor, only wanted to make one bet instead of his usual routine playing table games. He placed his bet at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.


The St. Louis Blues ended the finals with a 4 -1 Game 7 win in Boston. For Berry, it was an emotional finish. Throughout the series he had received multiple offers for his ticket, including $75,000 from PropSwap, a secondary market for sportsbook tickets. But he refused to hedge, never taking his money off the table.

Ben Fawkes, editor of ESPN Chalk, kept track of all the offers Berry received.


"Everyone was calling me an idiot for not hedging," Berry told The Action Network. "I would start to read the Twitter comments, and, after a while, I had to just stop reading."


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