French drugmaker Sanofi and Google plan to use data tech for innovations

French health-care company Sanofi has teamed up with Google to work on innovations, aimed at using emerging data technologies to change how medicines and health services will be delivered in future.

Sanofi and Google will use data sets to improve their understanding of key diseases and extract patients' insights and feedback, the companies said in a joint statement.

"Combining Sanofi's biologic innovations and scientific data with Google's industry-leading capabilities, from cloud computing to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we aspire to give people more control over their health and accelerate the discovery of new therapies," said Ameet Nathwani, chief medical officer and executive vice-president, Sanofi.

This would enable Sanofi to research and develop a more personalized approach to treatment and identify accompanying technologies to improve results, the statement said.

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