CNBC Evolve New York Summit: Transforming companies for the future

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen speaking at the CNBC Evolve Conference in New York on June 19th, 2019.
Todd Andrew Davis | CNBC
Key Points
  • The CNBC Evolve Summit took place at the Conrad New York on June 19
  • Speakers including The New York Times CEO Mark Thompson, Best Buy Chairman & Former CEO Hubert Joly, Harry's and Warby Parker Co-Founder Jeff Raider, Former Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and more
  • CNBC Evolve will return on September 24 in Chicago and November 19 in Los Angeles

CNBC Evolve features iconic global companies and executives who are embracing change and transforming for the future.

Featuring best-in class CEOs and innovators in conversation with CNBC anchors and reporters, this half-day event series provides a forum for companies to share strategies, tactics and lessons learned in a peer-to-peer environment.

CNBC Evolve will return on September 24 in Chicago and November 19 in Los Angeles. Visit cnbcevents.com/evolve to apply to attend.

Watch the full panels from the first-ever CNBC Evolve Summit in New York.

Former Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini with Sara Eisen at CNBC Evolve Summit

Driven by personal experience, Mark Bertolini set out to change his company's business model and reinvent the employer-employee relationship. In the process, he helped transform a whole industry and demonstrated how a positive culture and a strong focus on employee experience can drive bottom-line success. He's joined by Sara Eisen.

Retail leaders from Enjoy, Harry's, Framebridge and more with Courtney Reagan at CNBC Evolve Summit

Big changes in consumer behavior and technology have upended 'traditional' B2C businesses, creating white space for upstarts to take market share. What can we learn from their successes, and how can leaders encourage such innovation in their own companies? Enjoy CEO, former Apple Retail SVP and Former JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson, Harry's and Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider and Framebridge CEO Susan Tynan sit down with Courtney Reagan to explore the evolving consumer.

Management and innovation guru Hal Gregersen shares leadership methods at CNBC Evolve Summit

From Chanel to IBM to Coca-Cola, Hal Gregersen has worked with big businesses in transformation. In this interactive session, the management and innovation guru shares his unique methods to solve thorny problems, inspire new ideas and unleash creativity.

NYT CEO Mark Thompson at CNBC Evolve Summit with Sara Eisen

Print journalism was left for dead years ago. But the "Grey Lady" has found new life in a new age of media. Sara Eisen sits down with New York Times CEO Mark Thompson, discussing balancing bold risks while servicing a legacy business and reinventing a venerable brand.

LRN Founder and Carlyle Group Exec. Admiral James Stavridis at CNBC Evolve with Suzy Welch

Former admiral James Stavridis motivated and inspired thousands of sailors amid shifting tides; Dov Seidmen, the 'CEO whisperer' teaches the 'how' of innovation. They both are joined by Suzy Welch, exploring what makes great leaders, and what new skills are needed in today's dynamic business environment.

Best Buy Chairman and Fmr. CEO Hubert Joly with Courtney Reagan at CNBC Evolve Summit

When Hubert Joly took over Best Buy, many believed it would go the way of Circuit City and Sears, another victim of "the Amazon Effect." Now it has returned to top and bottom-line growth, and its stock is up 258%. He sits down with Courtney Reagan for a one-on-one interview to conclude the first-ever CNBC Evolve Summit.

CNBC Evolve will return on September 24 in Chicago and November 19 in Los Angeles. Visit cnbcevents.com/evolve to apply to attend.